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Wolfgang J. Roehl


My great-grandfather Johann Oehms in front of his house in Nieder-Manderscheid

This page is not just a translation of the German page where I have to explain what genealogy is and why I am interested in.

I'm a genealogist since a few year and can follow back my paternal line very far - and, especially interesting, I've followed my anchestors who have emigrated to the the US bout the middle of the 19th century up to their living descendants.

I'm still in trouble with the maternal line. Lots of data have beens lost in the two World Wars, and even LDS church seems to be no help at that point.
So it's necessary to find somebody who is able to help and is willing to exchange some data with me. I've got also some interesting things!

A list with my direct anchestors is available as PDF file. The document is in German but this doesn't matter cause you'll understand it, though.

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Contact: wolfgang@roehl-net.de